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About Makhani Welfare



MAKHANI FOUNDATION is a welfare, charitable and non-profit Foundation; the journey started in Karachi, Pakistan on 15 May 2021 with the sole purpose of serving humanity with its basic Needs and Education.
  our main objective is to serve people. We started this organization in a small room on 15 May 2021. At that time we managed to certify 150 students,
  Later on, as our organization grew, our founder Mr. Amir Makhani took a step forward in the progression of the Makhani Welfare Foundation.
  We Established a training center in North Karachi ( Sector 2 new Karachi ) 


MAKHANI FOUNDATION is mainly known for its Service for all people to provide them with Education, Vocational and Skills Training, and Medical Services free of cost (Fi Sabilillah) and our mission is to create an environment where every person has the opportunity to live in a healthy, productive life.


MAKHANI FOUNDATION is working and giving service to orphans, widows, Divorced Women, and Needy People. The services are a Free Dialysis center, Mehndi Classes, Beautician Courses, Graphic and Computer courses, and Tailor/ Stretching courses. And we are planning many more courses for the future.

Free Dialysis centre

We have managed to build an International Standard Dialysis Centre, Till we have 8 Dialysis beds so we can treat more than 20 patients per day and we provide it free of cost to the needy because our aim is to help humanity and give our best,


Mehndi Classes 

Mehndi Designing is a vocational course often offered as a diploma or short-term certificate course by MAKHANI WELFARE. We are providing free Mehndi/Henna classes to the general public. It’s a great way to make money for those who are poor, orphaned, widowed, or divorced, and anyone can do this certificate course to supplement their income. 

Beautician Courses

We are taking the classes of Beautician/ Beauty Parlor for everyone free of cost. Currently, we have 2 shifts first is facial class and the other one is makeup class, we also keep in mind that skin is one of the sensitive parts of the body so we are using branded high-quality products for teaching purposes also.


Computer Course


we at MakhaniWelfare are waiting for you to present you with a range of computer courses. Currently, we are providing Ms office course including ( Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Excess ) and Graphic Designing course including (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc )


Tailor/ Stretching Course


TAILOR/ STITCHING is a vocational course frequently offered as a diploma or short-term certificate course by MAKHANI WELFARE. We are providing free tailoring and stitching to everyone. groups This workshop is designed to give unique youngsters from various speciality groups skills. This is a flexible, customised training that is 100 percent practical